Cabins, Lodge, General Store, Cafe & Bar
Rustic Cabins, surrounded by trees and the scenic Rock Creek.  Cabins and lodge are located a short walk to the cafe and general store.

Lodge (pictured above)

All lodge rooms have private bathrooms

# 1One Queen  $65.00
# 2Two Doubles$75.00
# 3Two Doubles$75.00
# 4One Queen  $65.00
# 5One Queen  $65.00
# 6Two Twins   $75.00
# 7One Queen  $65.00

2 people in Queens/ 4 in fulls/ 2 in twins
  Dorm Beds  $30- $35

Several cabins are not available during the winter months.  Rates are subject to change.  Bed tax not included in rate.

Cancellation Policy: Two-week advanced notice is required for each reservation made.   Failure to do so will result in a one night charge per room. Rooms can be reserved with a credit card, or by check in advance.  After check in you are responsible for the full stay, no refunds for early leaves.

Any damage to Tom's Place Resort caused by a guest will be the responsibility of the guest.  Guests  may be asked to leave if breaking 
any rules or be disruptive, without refund
Location:  Tom's Place Resort is located on Hwy 395,
25 miles North of Bishop, and 15 miles South of Mammoth Lakes.  4 Miles south of Crowley Lake.  Look for signs or call ahead for more information

Call: (760) 935-4239 for Reservations
8180 Crowley Lake Dr. Crowley Lake, California 93546
FAX: (760) 935-9160
Email:  Questions only no reservations over internet, to check availability call 760-935-4239

Cabins have bathrooms, linens, towels & kitchens.  No smoking.   daily maid service. Sorry no pets in winter!
#0    1 full bed, living area, no           $90.00
smoking or pets  2 people           open for winter

#8    1 Queen, 5 fulls (3 rooms),       $140.00
attached to lodge,  no pets            open for winter
Max 10 people                              

#10   1 full, 3 singles  (2 rooms), next to$115.00
  creek, 5 people max ,no pets            open for winter

#16    Rustic, 2 full, 1 twin (2 rooms), next         $80.00
to creek, 2 dogs, $10/dog/day,
       Max 5 people, open summer only   

#17   Rustic 2 fulls, 1 twin (2 rooms), next to    $80.00
Creek, 2 dogs $10/dog/day,
       Max 5 people, open summer only

#18    Rustic, 1 full (1 room), small, 2 people       $70.00
       1 dog $10/dog/day, open summer only

#20    Rustic original log cabin, 3 fulls (1 room)   $85.00
       No pets, 5 people max, open summer only

#22    Rustic, 1 full, 1 twin (1 room),                     $80.00
       end unit of triplex, no pets, max 3 people
       open summer only 

#23    Rustic, 2 fulls ( 2 rooms), middle            $85.00
       unit of triplex, no pets, max 4 people
       open summer only

#24    Rustic, 1 full, 1 twin (1 room), end unit    $80.00
        of triplex, no pets, no smoking
        max 3 people,  only summer cabin

#25    1 full, 5 twins (3 rooms), no pets         $130.00
         only open in summer  7 people

$26    One full, 5 twins (3 rooms), no pets     $130.00
         only open in the summer   7 people

Rustic is a cabin built in the 1930's with cement showers & lazy framing. Sorry we are not the Hilton .  Prices subject to change without notice.  There is no smoking permitted in our rooms
or cabins

Cabins 22, 23, & 24                 Cabins 25 & 26

Cabin #10, backs to Rock Creek
Cabin "0"  perfect for a couple
Cabins #16 , #17 & #18 Rustic summer cabins only.  Dogs allowed with fee. 
Cabin #18 great for you and your dog!
Lodge with seven rooms  Cabin #8 Attached to right side of Lodge